Sheriff Wright On The Issues

A professional, accredited, forward-looking Sheriff’s Office

The Spartanburg Sheriff’s office has CALEA Gold Standard Accreditation.

 Sheriff Wright always strives to provide Deputies with tools and support.

Since he has become Sheriff, he has provided deputies with new equipment and technology such as mobile data terminals, cell phones, and tasers.

He implemented a policy to provide for uniforms and equipment for detention officers.

Spartanburg County was one of the first agencies in the state to supply body cameras. 

Sheriff Wright emphasizes preparation and training for all situations. 

Sheriff’s Wright’s philosophy is to be “over-trained" and “over-prepared” for incidents that might occur.  In the world we live in today, we see school shooting, riots and other incidents nationwide.  Our Sheriff’s office is trained in the most modern methods and equipped to respond to incidents appropriately and efficiently.

Attacking crime and illegal drugs

Good hiring practices have given Spartanburg County the best deputies whom are well-equipped and trained.

Under the leadership of Sheriff Wright, Spartanburg County has established and maintains good working relationships with other law enforcement and emergency service agencies. Working together and sharing information with city and state law enforcement department, fire, and EMS has been an important part of the effort to solve community problems.

Sheriff Wright started Operation Rolling Thunder, a successful yearly operation where law enforcement agencies from around SC join together to focus on crime and drug trafficking on our interstates. Millions of dollars in drugs and drug money have been seized through this program. Also, stolen vehicles have been recovered and wanted felons arrested. A human trafficking ring was also broken up, and an illegal “mobile abortion lab” was stopped.

When he first took office, Sheriff Wright recognized the need to be able to respond more in-depth to problems in communities. He established a RSU team which stands at the ready to attack crime patterns.

Before he was Sheriff, Spartanburg did not have SWAT team and had to rely on other agencies. Under Sheriff Wright’s leadership, we now have a professional, well-trained and equipped SWAT team ready to respond at a moment’s notice.

Sheriff Wright believes in the power of technology to attack crime.

Programs where information is shared with other agencies via computer have helped to solve many crimes.

Building Community Relationships

Sheriff Chuck Wright is known for being very involved in the Spartanburg community and treating everyone equally and fairly. Our Deputies have a very good relationship with the people of Spartanburg. Programs such as his annual county-wide Prayer breakfast, the Citizens Police Academy, and neighborhood watch groups are ways he connects our officers with citizens.

Sheriff Wright believes that one of the the best tools for solving crimes--and for prevention of crime--is officer/community relationships. 

Sheriff Wright has worked hard the past 12 years to make sure he and the deputies get to know business owners and citizens, and work together to solve problems.  He has an open-door policy to citizens as well as deputies.

Sheriff Wright is frequently in the community speaking and teaching about the Sheriff’s Office and addressing citizens’ questions and concerns personally. 

A detention center other agencies look to as an example

Spartanburg County boasts a detention center with measurable success. 

Modern methods and equipment have cut down on the number of violent incidents and procedure changes have saved the taxpayers millions of dollars.

To help willing inmates who want to make a life-change, the detention center now offers a GED program as well as a job skills training program. 

He also helped develop Warrior 101, a program developed for young people who need some guidance and leadership to make good choices in life. 

A Sheriff you can trust, tells the truth and stands up for all citizens’ rights

Sheriff Wright has never been described as “politically correct.” 

He is known for speaking his mind and standing behind what he says, even when it might not be popular. He made national headlines and appeared on the FOX News show “Justice With Judge Jeanine Pirro” when he advocated for ladies to get concealed weapons permit as a method of self-protection.

Sheriff Wright is very proud of the Sheriff’s Department and the advancements it has made in the last 12 years.  The citizens of Spartanburg have come to know and trust their Sheriff as an honest man of character who does what is best for Spartanburg County.