A proven record of successful leadership.

Sheriff Chuck Wright is seeking re-election on November 8th and needs your support. 

Sheriff Chuck Wright is a man of character that Spartanburg citizens have come to trust over the past 12 years.  He has always been transparent and has proven that he treats all citizens equally and fairly.  He has a proven record of successful leadership, and leads a Sheriff's office that is a CALEA Gold Standard Accredited department putting it among the top departments in the nation.   Sheriff Wright stands strong for his beliefs and does not back down.

He has received many personal awards including "South Carolina Sheriff of the Year" by the SC Sheriff's Association, “Friend of the Taxpayer Award" from Citizens for Efficient Government, and “2nd Amendment Defender Award" by Gun Owners of SC. 

A vote for Sheriff Chuck Wright is a vote for a professional, modern Sheriff’s Department that stands ready to respond and serves the citizens of Spartanburg with excellence.


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